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Das Projekt begann kurz vor Ende der Open Beta im Februar 2009.

Zusammen mit einem Kollegen wurde die Idee geboren und dank der Unterstützung im Grafikbereich auch zeitnah realisiert.

Leider bedeutet das auch Rückschritte, wie zum Beispiel nach Patch 3.0.3 mit dem Entfernen der Uhrzeit.

Aufgrund Inaktivität wurde das Projekt bis auf weiteres ausgesetzt!


Offizielles Change-Log:

v 1.36
- when all weared item have a current durability of higher than 100, the armor in the bar will change to a golden one
- in the tooltip of durability, items the current value of higher than 100 will be displayed in green color, else yellow
- due to the reactions of the comunity, patch 303 has been replaced with MorphClock (thx to Goendlir)




v 1.35
- fix for patch 303 added (thx to TBDjp (Tetty))
- clock and alert reactivated
- fixed problem with display of the right alarm-time in 12h-mode


v 1.34
- possible cause for error-message in xp-calculation fixed
- added draw rune under the function-menu of RoMBa
- removed clock and alert-functionality (until workaround found)


v 1.33
- problem fixed with level-up and session-TP


v 1.32
- RoMBa is compatible to addon-manager, now
- portable auctionhouse, mailbox and bank are now available via dropdown (not supported by frogster, but wanted by comunity)
- added counter for Session-TP and TP per hour
- possible error while afk fixed


v 1.31
- added instance record, billboard and skillsuit under the function-menu of RoMBa


v 1.30
- updated chinese language file (again, thx to matif)
- added french language file (thx to lagrouille)
- added polish language file (thx to Welacz)


v 1.29
- bug with the movement and the tooltip fixed
- left symbols will be aranged beside the playerframe while it's visible and on the upper edge of the screen


v 1.28 - HOTFIX
- A problem with the tooltip has been fixed
to resolve the bug, the movement of the left symbols had to be disabled. This'll be resolved in the next release.


v 1.27
- A problem with the icons and an alternate minimap has been fixed
- Inserted a new checkbox for the movement of the minimap in config-screen (When checked, the Minimap will move under the bar)
- left symbols will be aranged beside the playerframe while it's visible and on the upper edge of the screen
- In 12h-mode, the alarm-time will be set in the same format


v 1.26
- The settings-icon includes a link to the microphone-settings, now
- Fixed a problem, preventing from saving the afk-reply
- added possibility to change the afk- and re-message for the party and guild channel


v 1.25
- Fixed a major language bug. English will work proper now
- Added the possibility to turn off the lower items of the ui (xp-bar, etc)
- The last selected kind of display the xp will be saved now


v 1.24
- Added a tooltip for the display of actual daily-quests on mouse over daily-counter
- Added Chinese language-file (thx to matif)


v 1.23
- Added the Daily-counter to the bar (Functions see description)
- Modified the systemmenu in the bar
ATTENTION: This version will reset the configuration-settings of RoMBa !


v 1.22
- Hotfix for error while entering house


v 1.21
- Fixed some minor bugs
- Call for audio- and videosettings window altered
- Width of the field for the charactername on the bar changed depending on the number of characters
-  Width of the field for the money on the bar changed depending on the number of digits
- the xp-values on the xp-tooltip got seperated by dots, now
- upon a right-click on the xp-field, you can also turn on the needed xp before level-up


v 1.20
- Added Spanish language-file (thx to Intarcete and TarKosis)
- Included a tooltip which displays the name of the used ammunition


v 1.19
- Given the possibility to change the display of the clock to 12h setting


v 1.18
- Added the possibility to disable special message-channels for afk-messages at config-window
- Added the display of the game-channel on the right side of the bar
- you can change the game-channel by a right-click on the gamechannel-number


v 1.17
- Hotfix for error in xp-tooltip since update


v 1.16
- Changed the method for the language-detection
- Changed the display of money in the new RoM-look (with the seperating dots)
- the menuicon settings is changed to functions and includes the systemmenu as a dropdown, now
- durability and its tooltip fixed (there should be no problem with special items, now)
- fixed some problems with the positioning of the buff-/debuff-frame


v 1.15
- Display- and volumesettings are merged under the menuicon "settings"
- Added the new icon and functionality "afk" to the bar
- Increased the number of own commands to 20
- Changed the width of some symbols on the left


v 1.14
- Added the posibility to swap equipment upon a right-click on the durability-icon
- Moved the tooltip-entry "tp to spend" to the experience-tooltip


v 1.13
- Fixed some internal problems with function naming


v 1.12
- Fixed problems with no displayed online-time after a click on the clock!


v 1.11
- Fixed error with character-tooltip
- Added house extra points to the experience-tooltip
- Added an alarm function to the clock


v 1.10
- Added some new Configuration topics
- Bar movable to the bottom of the screen, now
- Four diffrent styles for the bar selectable
- The movement of some object on the screen, to make place for the bar, can be turned on/off
- The transparency of the bar-background is individual changeable, now
- The configuration-window is movable, now
ATTENTION: This version will reset the configuration-settings of RoMBa !


v 1.01
- Fixed some problems with xp-count, accounting and switch tabs in bag


v 1.0 Release-Version